Dr Arnout SjerRadiologist

    Fowler Simmons Radiology currently have a Fellow in residency. A Fellow is a fully qualified and accredited Radiologist furthering their education and knowledge in a specialised area. Fowler Simmons Radiology are pleased to offer a Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Radiology enabling Dr Fowler to share his expertise. 

    Arnout was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After graduating from Medical School in Utrecht, he completed the five years of training as a Registrar in Radiology at the North West Hospital group in Alkmaar with a special interest in musculoskeletal imaging, becoming a specialist in May last year. Being able to expedite management and/or relieve patients from their symptoms by image guided interventions made him choose this field of expertise.

    Before starting his Fellowship here at Fowler Simmons Radiology, he worked as a MSK consultant Radiologist in the hospital where he was trained. During the last 4 months prior to coming to Adelaide he worked for a teleradiology company called Telemedicine Clinic in Sydney, reporting on emergency radiology cases from hospital in the UK.

    Joining the team at Fowler Simmons Radiology for a dedicated year of musculoskeletal radiology feels like the perfect opportunity to further extend his knowledge and experience.

    As a Dutchman, he is fond of road cycling and speed skating. The latter will be hard to practice in the Adelaide area, but he also enjoys spending time with his family at the beach, playing soccer with his two sons, hiking, or exploring the beautiful nature that Australia has to offer.