EllenMedical Receptionist

    Position: Medical Receptionist

    How long have you worked at Fowler Simmons Radiology? I started working at FSR in 2014.

    Best thing about your job? Probably the cake that we get to celebrate our staff birthdays! The staff are amazing and I am very lucky to be a part of FSR. Being able to help patients (especially those who are kind, funny and appreciative) to the best of my ability and hearing great feedback makes everything worthwhile.

    Something about me: I am a proud owner of two beautiful American Staffy’s. I regularly play basketball and lacrosse and I watch a lot of AFL and NFL games. I love watching sci-fi and horror movies and TV shows. All the money that I earn is spent on concerts and comic-cons, which everyone at work kindly listens to me as I recount every moment of each event.

    If you had a warning label, what would yours say? “Warning – talks very loudly”

    Which Hogwarts House are you a part of? Hufflepuff

    My drive to work consists of: A concert performed my myself featuring music from Kanye West, Queen, One Direction, A Day To Remember and The Sound Of Music.

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