JessicaMedical Receptionist

    Position: Medical Receptionist

    How long have you worked at Fowler Simmons Radiology? I embarked on this new adventure in September 2012 – opening day! I was one of only two reception staff at the time and am proud to still be part of the team.

    If you could have a different medical career for a day what would it be? A Forensic Pathologist. The human body is so interesting and complicated and it would be great to know all about it, and use some detective skills.

    What is your favourite colour and what words come to mind when you see it? I quite favour the colour yellow. I think of a happy disposition, exciting without being too loud or angry, impulsive, spontaneous, primary and creative.

    What is a memorable work moment? Recently we celebrated our 5th Anniversary from the time of opening. We had a big party at the Adelaide Club to celebrate, which is an amazing venue, and it was great to glam up for the event, enjoy good food, wine and company.

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