Position: General X-ray Radiographer, as well as assisting with patient bookings and enquiries both during working hours and after hours.

    How long have I been a Radiographer? A crazy 30 years now! 25 years in the public system and now 5 years at Fowler Simmons Radiology.

    What do I enjoy about my job? Firstly, being able to decorate my x-ray room to take away that sterile clinical feel, with wall decorations and a fancy lamp and even music!! I get great personal satisfaction out of working solo and being able to control my own work flow, not that I am one who likes to control things? Getting to boss my patients around in a “nice way” is also fun. The staff here are like family, and that makes the day so much more fun. I’m all about fun!!

    What makes my days at work interesting? The diverse range of patients we come in contact with. From sporting backgrounds, to medical backgrounds to patients with some of the most fascinating jobs.  Patients who have achieved so much and worked so hard over so many years and who now need assistance to enjoy their retirement are the ones I most enjoy talking to.

    Something about me: I am extra pleased I get to write this part. I love to cook and share that love of food with entertaining. I have a badminton career that is slowly taking off that I am passionate/obsessed about. I enjoy spending time at home on my days off, in the garden and letting my chooks free range.

    We have 4 dogs and 2 cats and our youngest addition, a Hungarian Vizsla called Jazz, is my shadow. Coming to work and leaving her home does not work for her or me, but there are bills to pay! Holidays are awesome, if only I could take my Jazz! I do have children by the way, two beautiful daughters as well as my partner’s three children. But, it’s always the pets I miss the most on my travels. Sorry kids….

    Daniel - Sonographer - Fowler Simmons Radiology