Fowler Simmons Radiology Adelaide



Position: I am a sonographer, one of four, and the only female of the group. There has to be someone to keep the boys under control!

How long have you been a Sonographer? I started my sonography career in 1984. Over that time I have seen many changes within my profession, changes that encompass not only what we look at but also how we have come to be a significant imaging modality in a wide range of disciplines. Musculoskeletal sonography began in the late 1980’s and I was fortunate to be part of the early development of this fascinating aspect of sonography. Since that time, much of my ultrasound practice has focused on this. I joined the team at Fowler Simmons Radiology 5 months after they opened.

What I like best about my job: One of the best parts of my job has always been doing my best to help people. I will always remember a patient who I had previously discovered a cancer in, who came back for a follow-up scan some time later and hugged me and thanked me for saving their life. Nowadays I don’t always do work that will save lives, but I like to hope that sometimes I might be able to change of improve them. At the end of the day, I like to be able to talk to people (the boys say I talk too much… probably true!).

Me: I’ve been a sports woman all my life. I was a swimmer as a child and played water polo from the age of 12 at club and state level (having three older brothers who were also swimmers/water polo players and two of those as Olympians probably helped). I played basketball at school, then continued after school. I took up volleyball in the 80’s and still play. I do pilates and yoga which helps me to do the work  do. I like to read and I like watching movies. I don’t like watching the news (too depressing) and I cannot abide the inundation of reality TV we have.