Online Image Access

Online Image Access

InteleViewer™ and InteleConnect™ link images and reports to your local desktop or mobile device. Please follow the instructions for online image access in our User Guide.

View images and reports via InteleConnect™ webaccess

To install InteleViewer™ on your desktop or laptop click this link and follow instructions from the User Guide

To install InteleConnect™ on an iOS device download the InteleConnect™ app from the App store and follow instructions from the User Guide

To view images and reports from your Android device bookmark the InteleConnect™ webaddress and save this to your desktop for easy accessibility.

Further Information and Enquiries

If you have not been provided with a username and password or if you require assistance setting up InteleViewer™, please contact:

Athanasia Savvoudis
Medical Liasion Officer
Phone 0429 855 722

If you require assistance on how to use InteleViewer™, or have any clinical or Medical Imaging queries, please contact:

John Nisyrios
Chief Radiographer
Phone 08 8229 2100